Live to Race 2013

Live To Race (8)
Live to Race is one of those brilliant events which combines motorsport and charity in one fine package. As you should be aware by now, charity and cars are close to my heart and I’ve supported things like Chevrolet’s Ute Force.

This is a little different though, and works on the same principle as Reach For A Dream. Based in CT, this organisation draws on a database of sports car owners who are happy to take underprivileged and orphaned children around the Killarney Racetrack. 2013’s event was a big one and no less than five charities came out: St Joseph’s Children’s Hospital, Reach for a Dream, the Anna Foundation, The Homestead and Hokisa. There were 65 children who went around the circuit in a variety of cars.

And what a variety they were. There were a few classic Cobras, a loud Ford Focus ST, numerous Porsches, some BMWs as well as a press car in the form of a MINI John Cooper Works GP, driven by my good friend Sudhir Matai from CAR Magazine.  There was also a rather rare KTM X-Bow.

Click to read the full Live To Race 2013 event report on CarMagBlog.

Photos offer one side of the story, but to really see the value in a day like this video works wonders. Specifically, an in-car camera works wonders…

Check out the gallery from the Live to Race event below: