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Driving Impression – Hyundai IX35 (2014)

The recently updated Hyundai IX35 spends a week with me and I see if it’s worth adding to the list of decent family SUVs. The Hyundai IX35 has been in South Africa for some time… Continue reading

Live to Race 2013

Live to Race is one of those brilliant events which combines motorsport and charity in one fine package. As you should be aware by now, charity and cars are close to my heart… Continue reading

Video: Top 10 most dangerous race tracks

We all know motorsport is dangerous. With such high speeds, something is bound to go somewhere along the line, but things become a little more challenging when its the actual race track which… Continue reading

What’s coming in Top Gear season 20?

You’ve got to love the Internet. You literally can find information about anything, anyone, or in my case: what’s happening in the next season of my favourite motoring program.

Infiniti Coming to South Africa – UPDATED

The luxury arm of Nissan is here, but was lacking a dealership in the Cape. That has finally changed.

Spotted in the classifieds 2

It’s time for another damn good deal. Thanks to the lads at and the huge database of cars for sale, here’s another Damn Good Deal… Everyone wants to own something stupidly fast,… Continue reading

Merc A45 AMG advert features Lewis Hamilton and Nico Rosberg

Check out the new advert for the Mercedes-Benz A45 AMG featuring Lewis Hamilton and Nico Rosberg launches new App for iPhone & iPad

The cool company publishes my reviews on cars has a new app, which has just been launched by the time you read this. Right now it’s available for iPhone and iPad and will… Continue reading

Spotted in the classifieds 1

I’m starting a new thing: due to the immense preowned car database at my disposal thanks to the lads at, I’ll be bringing you a Damn Good Deal when I see one…

The Ultimate Speed Date

Renault is back with yet another cool advert for its new Clio 4. This time the campaign is for the hot hatch RenaultSport derivative.