Driving Impression – Aston Martin V8 Vantage

Aston Martin is one of those brands which just oozes cool. From supplying vehicles to the silver screen, to a successful motorsport outfit, the Brits know what they’re doing. The Aston Martin range is… Continue reading

Cars.co.za launches new App for iPhone & iPad

The cool company publishes my reviews on cars has a new app, which has just been launched by the time you read this. Right now it’s available for iPhone and iPad and will… Continue reading

Driving Impression – Renault Clio 4 Expression

Allow me to start off this review with the announcement that my own car is a Renault Clio II and my parents have owned two other Renaults in the time I’ve been around.… Continue reading

Red Bull Mazda RX-7 with 750hp attacks New Zealand mountain

Ken Block who? Meet ‘Mad’ Mike Whiddett, a New Zealand-based drifter who takes his monster 750hp rotary Mazda RX-7 up New Zealand’s highest paved roadway.

Spotted in the classifieds 1

I’m starting a new thing: due to the immense preowned car database at my disposal thanks to the lads at Cars.co.za, I’ll be bringing you a Damn Good Deal when I see one…

The Ultimate Speed Date

Renault is back with yet another cool advert for its new Clio 4. This time the campaign is for the hot hatch RenaultSport derivative.

Murray Walker does Scalextric commentary

What happens when you drag legendary Murray Walker out of retirement and get him to commentate a Scalextric race?

#Doucheplate Week 31

#Doucheplate Week 31 Welcome to #Doucheplate – your weekly dose of registration plate madness. Every Friday I post a few of the cheesiest/silliest/most creative plates on the roads. Here’s this week’s batch of… Continue reading

RUSH trailer (2013)

I stumbled across this trailer for a forthcoming movie earlier today, and it looks very exciting. If you’re a petrolhead and a motorsport fan, you’ll want to watch this trailer in HD and at full volume…

Want to experience the latest Citroen products?

Citroen South Africa has announced that it’ll be touring South Africa and giving you the chance to sample and experience some of the cool cars in its lineup. Interested?