Driving Impression – Audi A3 Sportback 1.4 TFSI

Cars are similar to smartphones in the way they keep on evolving. Much like the latest telephone which offers a bigger screen and more memory, the new Audi A3 Sportback comes with more space; added practicality yet weighs less than the previous model.

Live to Race 2013

Live to Race is one of those brilliant events which combines motorsport and charity in one fine package. As you should be aware by now, charity and cars are close to my heart… Continue reading

Driving Impression – Ford Fiesta ST

Ford’s Sport Technologies has really turned the hot hatch market upside down with its fun and affordable Focus ST. It’ll continue this trend with the Fiesta ST – a back-to-basics junior hot hatch.

Driving Impression – Hyundai i20 CRDi Glide

As I type this, there’s a headline on my newsfeed which suggests another massive petrol price increase is on the cards. How is the consumer expected to cope with an ever-increasing fuel price and still be in the market for a new vehicle?

Driving Impression – Citroen DS3 Cabriolet THP155

French carmaker Citroen has taken the top off its popular DS3 hatchback and I’ve spent a week with the top-of-the-range derivative.

Video: Top 10 most dangerous race tracks

We all know motorsport is dangerous. With such high speeds, something is bound to go somewhere along the line, but things become a little more challenging when its the actual race track which… Continue reading

What’s coming in Top Gear season 20?

You’ve got to love the Internet. You literally can find information about anything, anyone, or in my case: what’s happening in the next season of my favourite motoring program.

Driving Impression – Lexus GS350 EX

Nothing quite spells out success like owning a big executive sedan. However, there is an alternative to these three and it comes from Japanese luxury car maker Lexus whose GS wants a share of this market.

Infiniti Coming to South Africa – UPDATED

The luxury arm of Nissan is here, but was lacking a dealership in the Cape. That has finally changed.

Driving Impression – Mercedes-Benz A180 Blue Efficiency

I’ll start things off by saying the previous generation Mercedes-Benz A-class was a horrible vehicle. Despite its numerous shortcomings, it sold surprisingly well and next time you see one at a shopping centre parking lot,… Continue reading